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September 23, 1994

Dear Ms. Dembrowsky,

I've been wanting to write this letter for years...(it) won't do justice to the appreciation I have for the Personal and Social Responsibility curriculum we've been using in our school for the past 5-6 years, but I'll try...I mean I'LL DO IT!

Connie, you've not only had a positive impact on approximately 200 9th graders each year in our school and between 100-200 of their parents in the yearly Parent Program, but YOU'VE CHANGED MY LIFE AS WELL.

When I attended a seminar in the Spring of 1990, I really liked the content and style, but had reservations about the recommendation that the course be taught sequentially.  I wanted to fit parts of it into my curriculum which I did for the remainder of that year.

But in the Fall of 1990, I thought I'd do it your way, and needless to say, I'm now a "believer."  The way you've interwoven the four skill areas is masterful.  Looking back on my own growth as a husband, father and teacher, I now see how both the content's organization and its quality have improved my personal and social responsibilities.

...We have a superb school with now (thanks to you) highly motivated, self-confident and personally powerful students. There is such joy and happiness in our halls. Love pervades the whole building. YOU MUST SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!!

I facilitate a 9th grade vocational exploratory program in a comprehensive 9-12 high school (both academics and vocational). All ninth graders are required to take my Career Development class and your program has become my entire curriculum.

Our school has become a national model and I've been asked to speak to educators all over America about the success of our program, many times presenting a capsule of your program...

As each year before, this year is definitely going to be more exciting than last because the word has gotten out:  "Mr. Evans' class is really cool!"  And as space permits, I even have upper class students who take it again, sometimes for the THIRD time.

Connie, thanks again.  May God continue to bless you,

Larry Evans
9th Grade Facilitator
Dauphin County Technical School
6001 Locust Lane
Harrisburg, PA  17109-3170
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