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March 11, 1996

Dear Connie,

Thank you very much for the second opportunity to attend your seminar. It was like reading a good book...attending the seminar again, especially after teaching a class, gave me more insight and stirred up the same excitement I felt after the first seminar.

(Whether I teach the curriculum or provide support to those who do), I will continue to do whatever is necessary to have the class offered in all of our secondary schools.

There are so many success stories to share that I don't know where to start....after about two months though, I stopped writing in it because...our kids began to use the skills they were learning in class...Even when I had some doubts about the lessons, nine times out of ten, the lessons were successful.

...Thank you for giving teachers the motivation, the encouragement, and the curriculum to teach a program such as this. You are a valuable member of my "board of directors."

With warmest appreciation,

Paula Kashiwaeda
Teacher Specialist
Ogden City School District
1950 Monroe Blvd.
Ogden, UT  84401

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