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A Recent Study Proves Disciplinary Problems Decrease, 
Attendance Increases After Students Complete 
Mastering Anger-Resolving Conflict Program
A study conducted at Antioch High School in Antioch, IL proves that students who take the curriculum course, Mastering Anger-Resolving Conflict, had fewer days absent, fewer referrals to the office and less days spent in In-School Suspension than their classmates who did not take the course.  Twenty students were selected to take the course while twenty others were used as a control group.  Absences, referrals to the office, and days spent in In-School Suspension were compared between the first and second semesters.

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Three Year Study Proves At-Risk Students Improve Grades
After Completing Personal & Social Responsibility Program
A three year study conducted at Livingston High School in Livingston, CA, proves that at-risk students who take the Personal and Social Responsibility curriculum course, have a significantly higher grade point average after taking the course that they did before taking the course.  Students considered most at-risk in their freshman year were placed in the curriculum program their sophomore year.

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Five Year Study Proves Personal & Social Responsibility 
Program Decreases Drop Outs
A five year study conducted at Bloom Trail High School in Chicago Heights, IL, proves that freshmen who take the one semester curriculum course, Personal and Social Responsibility, have a significantly lower drop-out rate than their freshman classmates who do not. Each year of the study, the freshman class of 500 students was randomly divided in half. One half (250 students) took the curriculum and one half (250 students) did not.

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"Mastering Anger-Resolving Conflict"
"Personal & Social Responsibility"

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