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Practical Strategies for Motivating Your Disinterested, Defiant and Difficult Students

Are your teachers complaining that they have less and less time to teach as they spend more and more time on disruptive behavior in the classroom?  This Inservice Training Program will help your educators become proficient at changing students’ disruptive, defiant classroom actions into productive learning behaviors.  Your teachers will master proven techniques they can use immediately to:
  • Increase students’ on-task class behavior
  • Get students to accept responsibility for their own learning
  • Move students from external motivation to internal motivation
  • Give students the tools to handle anger and frustration in a constructive manner
  • Help students develop conflict resolution skills
  • Inspire students to set goals and demonstrate the commitment to achieve them

FORMAT:  An experientially based one or two-day training for teachers, school counselors, principals, and parents. 

GOAL: To provide participants with methods that have proven effective in helping adolescents developing the following six skills that are essential for success in school, the workplace, and in life.


The ability to develop a vision for one’s life, which provides the direction and the purpose necessary for at-risk adolescents to put forth effort and work now which will not pay off until a later date.


The ability to accept one’s own and others’ inherent worth and value, identify one’s particular talents, operate with personal integrity and use mistakes to learn how to handle situations more effectively next time. This produces the confidence of knowing one can handle any situation effectively while maintaining dignity and respect for all concerned.


The ability to identify and consider the consequences of one’s behavior before taking action, to recognize how one’s words, attitudes and behaviors impact others, and to accept the consequences of one’s decisions and behaviors.


The ability to discuss and negotiate issues of disagreement and to interact with others in ways that decrease conflict and promote cooperation.


The ability to deal with anger and frustration effectively so one can resolve, in a calm and rational manner, the issues from which one’s anger arose.


The ability to clearly define goals, demonstrate the determination to keep working until the goal is achieved, and to achieve what one wants in life in ways that maintain dignity and respect for oneself and others.

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