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Since 1992 Making the Difference Together has offered effective parenting courses in communities across Simcoe County, Ontario.  Making the Difference Together is a personal enrichment and effective parenting program of the Simcoe County District School Board, Continuing Education Department.  Current course materials are based on the Personal & Social Responsibility curriculum with supporting handouts, traveling lending libraries and individual support and referral services as needed.

From parents of toddlers, to parents of teenagers, to parents with kids who have already left home -- and maybe even returned while they search for a job -- this class offers skills to anyone who cares for or works with kids. 

Teen parents are attending in increasing numbers.  A 19-year-old parent graduate had this to say:  "Because of this course, my 2 children will have a much better chance for a good future.  I can pass things on to them that I never knew until now.  It will make a difference because I am different." 

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Participants gain understanding of specific skills and techniques they can use at home to help their children succeed.  In an atmosphere of support and encouragement, they also gain skills to help them communicate with their child's school, as well as an understanding of how they can have greater success in their own lives.

In the Fall of 2000 Making the Difference Together will launch a parenting program paralleling the Mastering Anger - Resolving Conflict curriculum.

For more information contact Joanne McFarland, program coordinator or visit the Making the Difference Together website.

    *Community Partners

  • School Councils
  • County of Simcoe
  • Honda Canada Inc.
  • Rotary Clubs
  • The Maycourt Club
  • Lions Clubs
  • Ministry of the Solicitor General
  • Barrie Municipal Non-Profit Housing
  • Barrie Association for People with Special Needs
  • Royal Canadian Legion
  • Private Donations
  • Radio Shack
  • YMCA
  • Local School Boards
  • Ontario Works
  • Simcoe County Children's Aid Society
  • Probation and Parole Services
  • Other community supporters


"This course contributes to the fabric of society.  In my job ... I spend thousands of dollars each year to teach these principles and skills.  ...this program is crucial to the children."

"I never graduated from high school and now I am standing here with my diploma for finishing this course, in the same high school and I feel great!"

"I highly recommend this program and hope that someday it can be offered to all parents."

"This course has helped us break bad cycles.  Our discipline is more fair.  We yell less.  We have alternatives."

"I am dealing better with everyday family and work pressures."

"(This program) has helped me understand my son...we talk more...closeness is developing."

"This program has allowed me to understand that I am not the only parent working through things.  It reassured me...an absolutely wonderful and useful program for the student and parent."

"I learned it takes more than just being around to be a good parent.  I can control my own behaviour.  I am responsible to my children.  Sometimes I need to change me."

"We have almost eliminated homework hassles.  Our daughter just sits down and does it with no nagging now."

"Because of using the anger management strategies I got a job promotion."


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