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Both the Personal & Social Responsibility curriculum and the Self-Esteem curriculum feature an optional Parent Program which is comprised of a series of workshops for parents. 
Each meeting is designed to last about two hours.
The parent classes are not a set of loosely related activities.  They comprise a task-analyzed, sequenced course.  Each class assumes that parents have experienced the classes which precede it, since the skills presented build on and extend concepts already introduced.  Consequently, regular parent participation is very important.

What does the Parent Program hope to achieve?
First, it introduces parents to the specific skills their teenagers are developing in the student course that enable adolescents to demonstrate the following abilities:
  • To claim self-esteem
  • To act responsibly
  • To relate effectively
  • To solve problems and set goals
Second, the program helps parents develop specific techniques they can use at home to support and facilitate their teenagers' development of the four skills described above.

Third, parents themselves gain an understanding of how they can achieve greater success in their own lives as they personally apply the principles introduced and begin to enhance their own skills in the areas of self-esteem, responsibility, relating effectively, and problem-solving/goal-setting.

Although originally designed to be taught in conjunction with the Self-Esteem and Personal and Social Responsibility curricula, the Parent Program is also being taught as a "stand alone" course.

Find out more:
Making the Difference Together is a Not-for-Profit, charitable organization providing personal enrichment and effective parenting education using the Parent Program from the Personal and Social Responsibility curriculum.  Over 2,500 parents have completed the course since 1992.

Words of Caring is a newsletter published by a graduate of the Parent Seminar taught by Larry Evans at Dauphin County Technical School (DCTS) in Harrisburg, PA.  Recently one of the parent graduates decided to build a web page devoted to the concept of Affective Skills.  You can visit the web site by clicking here.  For a copy of their latest newsletter, click here.

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